Agimat Entertainment is devoted to producing 3D/2D characters, games, web comics and animation, and other content that caters to art, pop culture and mixed culture. Officially started publishing online under Agimat Comics on July 31, 2009. Shadow Candy is the first production of Agimat that's available on the web and on the iPhone that you can download it on iTunes for FREE. Agimat is a far eastern language (Tagalog) that means ‘a powerful source of energy’. We use this power to bring our characters to life… and to your browser. Here you will find our inspirations, collection of characters and stories inspired by many people and things that happened, observed and encountered in our lives. We LOVE NINJAS! Get to know the 3 leading ninjas Hiro, Kaz and Sayaka, cute, funny, mysterious and sweet. Don't get mixed up they're dangerous. http://agimatinc.com http://shadowcandy.com http://agimatcomics.com
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